Igor Goić

Director, Cinematographer, Author

By far the most beautiful project I worked on so far. Passion of the keepers is an awe inspireing thing. But when you get to know them as characters, as well as their surroundings, you realize its only natural!

Jurica Gašpar

Monograph author, photographer

For me, a lighthouse keepers son, the project had two different meanings. First of all, a legend is a man who is somehow special, significant for society and stands out from the others. Legends are also stories retold from generation to generation and left unwritten, so the question remains unanswered - are they real? I'm happy I took the opportunity to freeze my story in time, along with that of other lighthouse keepers and their children, and also make it real for everybody. The legends of the light will now live on, as will the souls of lighthouse keepers, like my father, to whom I dedicate my part of this great story.

Gordan Smadilo


This project centers around the historical heritage of the Austro-Hungarian empire and its impressive network of lighthouses that were constructed on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. With this project, we enable people to learn about the interesting history of the lighthouse and the human destinies of the keepers and their families.

Vlatko Ignatoski

Skipper, graphic designer

While I participated as an instructor at the ANA - sailing school, I promoted the course "Light and Darkness of Offshore Islands". With this, I honored my passion for sailing and special sights on the Adriatic coast, lighthouses and sea caves. This project/film is a natural continuation of that lifestyle and I contributed as much as possible with my experience and skills to get to the lighthouse in the only acceptable way, with sails.